Blm Volunteer Agreement Form

If you have any questions or need further information on this memorandum of instruction, please contact Shelly Fischman of the Department of Education, Interpretation and Partnerships at or (202) 912-7453. Coordinators should ensure that all of a volunteer`s records in the event of an accident are contact information (form BLM 1400-71 (296) as Appendix 1, item 2 . For long-term volunteers (volunteers who regularly register or work in projects lasting more than one week), this information should be kept not only in the volunteer`s file, but also in the foreign service office or the territory`s intervention office. This ensures that emergency contact information can be accessed by agency staff when needed. Volunteer coordinators should ensure that the description of the volunteer`s position should specify the skills, includes task-related limitations and physical activity (section 4 on forms 1114-4 and -5, “Description of the service to be performed” on Form 301A) and a signed statement from the volunteer on his health and ability to meet the physical requirements of the mission (section 4b on forms 1114-4 and -5, page 2 on Form 301A). All agreements must be accompanied by a risk management worksheet (BLM form 1112-5). This form is available on the website of the National Security Office of BLM. The BLM provides all volunteers with the training, equipment and tools they need for their volunteer tasks. This can include everything from flashlights or radios to government vehicles.

Keep in mind that all expenses that are not reimbursed or directly covered by BLM are tax deductible because of the utility contribution. Purpose: The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (IM) is to inform appropriate BLM employees of the availability of a new form for the voluntary agreement and to remind them of their registration responsibilities. The application is quite simple, and since it`s for an unpaid volunteer position, it`s much less complicated and detailed than you might think.