Advertising Decision Aid for Biomass Home Heating

Advertising Decision Aid – Biomass Industry

County to be Analyzed

Attribute Pattern: Attitude [Select ‘1’ for ‘positive’ or ‘0’ for negative’]

Attribute Pattern: Belief about biomass heating [Select ‘1’ for ‘expensive’ or ‘0’ for ‘inexpensive’]

Attribute Pattern: Age of the house [Select ‘1’ for ‘new’ or ‘0’ for ‘old’]

Attribute Pattern: Level of education of the head of household [Select ‘1’ for ‘Atleast some college’ or ‘0’ for ‘high school diploma’]

Total number of owner-occupied housing-units in the county

You have chosen

The number of households associated with the given attribute pattern in the county
Number of households that will be receptive to company advertising

Details about the apps are given in:

Identifying High Potential Biomass-Home-Heating Customers: A Bayesian Classification