Uca Chemistry Safety Agreement

2. I know the location and proper operation of laboratory safety devices, including, but not only: fire alarms, safety showers, eye washes, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. Q. My hospital requires me to participate in religious services such as fire protection and infection control every year, and to continue to train as a CPR. Will this be my training? 9. I acknowledge that I have been provided with a key for a chemistry laboratory drawer and I take responsibility for this key and the contents of that drawer throughout the semester. In addition to the devices in my drawer, I take full responsibility for the equipment I remove from the distribution room, and I understand that I am financially responsible for defective or missing devices. CONWAY, Ark. (News Release) — The University of Arkansas Central Department of Chemistry has received a $650,000 grant from the National Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Foundation (S-STEM) scholarship program to develop a program to attract, support and maintain low-income chemistry majors from a variety of backgrounds. Feel free to make changes to comply with the agreement between you and your cooperating physician, but certain required criteria must be included in these documents. You can use the examples on our site (under the Adv Practice tab.

Or by selecting the following links: 1. I was provided with protective glasses with polycarbonate (or equivalent) lenses and a laboratory apron. These objects are carried in the laboratory at all times. Faith Yarberry, a professor in the Department of Chemistry, is the principal investigator for the Fostering a Diverse Community of Future Chemists Through Scholarship Support, Peer Instruction, Mentoring, and Professional Development project. The project includes the creation of the Scholars (Arkansas Talented, Optimistic, Motivated) program, which awards scholarships of up to US$10,000 annually to at least 10 UCA chemistry students eligible for Pell Grant. The program will also offer additional education through computer-friendly courses and tutoring. Rachel Sims of Little Rock is a nurse and holds a registered nurse in the big year or a nurse practitioner holding a position on the Board of Directors. She studied nursing and dietetics at the University of Central Arkansas and is certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Sims also has certifications in Advanced Injection Training and Advanced Laser Resurfacing Certified and works at Little Rock Plastic Surgery. Previously, she worked at Conway Regional Medical Center. Mr Sims said: “I want to represent my nursing sector to make positive changes to ensure patient safety. In 2017, Sims was named AY`s Best Healthcare Professional. In her spare time, she likes to run. By clicking on the box, I confirm that I have been alerted and that I am subject to the above explanations, and I agree to respect all security policies and procedures. Please click here or use the link below to send a COVID-19 supplier contract form to the Arkansas Department of Health. You can also print a CDC supplier agreement form here to help you collect the necessary information, but you must enter the data into the electronic form to pass it on to ADH.

These groups will support arkansans in an anonymous and secure environment while remaining in the security of their homes. Our hope is to allow participants to have a safe place to share their fears and fears and to gain strength and encouragement from each other. “The UCA Chemistry Department is very unique in its composition. This scholarship, especially in the state of Arkansas, will increase the diversity of people who graduate in chemistry,” Yarberry said.