Which Sentence Shows Correct Order And Agreement

Answer: From these honored dead, we take an increased devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here strongly decide that these dead will not have died in vain, that this nation under God will have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the people of Skel is 100% right. I just received a 100% on my Spanish quiz. Which statement DOES NOT APPLY TO sentence fragments? One. They don`t have a subject, but they have a predicate. B. They have no subject or verb. C. They do not form a complete thought. D. The addition of other words makes the request help me because I have no idea what to do. Use the displayed verb to complete the sentence. us/have Nous_______quinze books. Use the displayed verb to complete the sentence.

I will mark this and come back later to see if you have any further questions. Sra 7If you have done your homework, go for a walk with the dog. The part of the sentence that is underlined is: When you have done your homework. I believe it is a dependent clause because it cannot be isolated and it is a fair examination of my work :) 1. Complete the following sentence. Juan es estudioso. Le gusta a. cantar b. leer*** c. esquiar d. bailar 2. Fill in the following sentence.

Marisol es una chica a. simpatica*** b. simpatico c. simpaticas d. simpaticos 3. What is the right way to say “the serious boy” in Spanish? a. la seria chica b. el serio chico c. el chico serio*** d. la chica seria 4. What`s the right way to say “a talented girl” in Spanish? a. la chica talentosa b.

una chica talentosa*** c. un chico talentoso d. el chico talentoso 5. C, you are an important link to the past 7. D, Spain 8.B, Dog 9. A, Good and Evil 10. A to protect people – This should get you a 10/10 right after Zaroff with Ivan`s depiction as something wild, similar to “his whole race”, he reveals that they are a similar race, implying that he is also wild. .