Wto Agreement Dispute Settlement

4. In order to assist in the selection of roundtable participants, the secretariat maintains an indicative list of government and non-governmental personalities with the qualifications covered in paragraph 1, from which roundtable participants may be selected, if necessary. This list includes the list of non-governmental participants (BISD 31S/9) drawn up on 30 November 1984, as well as other rolling charts and indicative lists drawn up under one of the covered agreements and retains the names of persons on these working tables and indicative lists at the time of the WTO agreement`s entry into force. Members may, at regular intervals, propose names of government and non-governmental individuals for inclusion on the indicative list and provide relevant information on their knowledge of international trade as well as the sectors or themes of the covered agreements, and these names are added to the list after approval by the DSB. For each of the lists of people, the list must mention the specific areas of people`s experience or subjects in the sectors or the subject of the covered agreements. 1. Working groups are made up of well-qualified government and/or non-governmental persons, including persons who have been served or intervened in a panel, representing a member or contracting party to the 1947 GATT, or as representatives of a covered agreement or its previous agreement in the Council or committee or secretariat, in which international trade law or international trade policy has been informed or published, or served as a member`s executive official in trade policy. 6. All third parties who have expressed interest in the dispute with the dispute resolution body are invited to make their written submissions at a meeting of the first meeting of the proceedings. All of these third parties may be present throughout the session.

8. The suspension of concessions or other obligations is temporary and is valid only until the measure deemed incompatible is quashed, until the member who must implement recommendations or decisions offers a solution in the event of cancellation or breach of benefits or until a satisfactory solution is found for both parties.