Cpac Agreement

In December 2017, it was reported that, under the Gwadar Port agreement, Chinese companies would receive 91 per cent, but the Gwadar Port Authority would receive only 9 per cent of revenue. That same month, a delegation of seven senators visited China. After the return from China, all senators made statements to the press, stating unequivocally that Balochistan would receive nothing from the CPEC. One of the senators, Senator Kabir Muhammad Shahi, also said that 60% of the funds would be used for electricity generation, other than 300 MW for the port of Gwadar, but less than 1 MW would be donated to Balochistan. [423] [424] During Afghan President Ashraf Ghani`s visit to India in April 2015, he stated, “We will not grant Pakistani trucks equal access to transit to Central Asia” unless the Pakistani government accepted India under the Afghanistan-Pakistan transit trade agreement in 2010. [296] The current transit trade agreement allows Afghanistan access to the port of Karachi to export with India and allows the transit of Afghan goods to any border with Pakistan, but does not guarantee the right of Afghan trucks to cross the Wagah border, and the agreement does not authorize the export of Indian goods to Afghanistan via Pakistan. [297] Due to the continuing tensions between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani government has expressed its dislike for India`s inclusion in trade negotiations with Afghanistan and, as a result, little progress has been made between the Afghan and Pakistani parties. The Department takes into account the views and recommendations of CPAC when taking action against the request for agreement or extension. When taking such action, the Department may also verify whether an emergency import agreement or restrictions are in the national interest of the United States. The Canada-U.K.

Trade Continuation Agreement is a temporary agreement that is required by the United Kingdom`s withdrawal from the European Union and hence the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). The two countries are expected to begin negotiations for a sustainable trade agreement next year. In September and October 2015, the UK government announced two separate grants to the Pakistani government for road construction, which complement the CPEC. [56] [57] In November 2015, China adopted the CPEC in its 13th Five-Year Development Plan,[58] while China and Pakistan agreed in December 2015 to invest an additional $1.5 billion for the creation of an information and technology park under the CPEC project. [59] On April 8, 2016, Xinjiang Communist Party companies Zhang Chunxian signed additional $2 billion in infrastructure, solar and logistics agreements with their Pakistani counterparts. [60] After the signing of the agreement, Iran`s ambassador to Pakistan, Mehdi Honerdoost, said that the agreement was “not concluded” and that Iran wanted Pakistan and China to be included in the draft. [326] Although he clarified that Chabahar Port would not be a rival or enemy of the Pakistani port of Gwadar,[327] he added that both Pakistan and China had been invited to participate in the project prior to India, but neither China nor Pakistan expressed interest in accession. [328] [329] A request for an agreement on cultural property must be submitted in writing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the diplomatic channel.