Market Segmentation Tool for the Biomass Industry

Market Segmentation tool – Biomass Industry

Input the Name of the County to be analyzed

Input Expected Sales Revenue per Customer/Household
Input Cost-of-Sale per Customer/Household

These are the 9 segments in the population and their associated profit margin:
Number of households with 10+years old ………as the primary heating equipment Profit Margin $
1. Heat pump
2. built-in floor/wall pipeless furnace
3. portable electric heaters
4. steam/hot water system with radiators or pipes in each room
5. built-in units in each room installed in walls, ceilings, baseboards, or floors
6. central furnace with ducts to individual rooms
7. built-in room heater burning gas, oil or kerosene
8. hydronic heater
9. some other equipment
Input Profit Objectives for the County

Here are the attractive market segments:

Here are the effects of bumping segments:
Fuel oil heating will gain
Coal heating will gain
Electric/gas will gain
Details about this app are given in :

Strategies for the Biomass Residential-Heating Sector: Insights from Research.