Your business or organization needs to make optimal decisions during turbulent times. Institute Intelligence provides tailor-made solutions to your business and economic development needs.

Gathering, understanding, and using market information is crucial for effective decisions. Therefore, all services provided by Institute Intelligence are based on extensive analyses of your organization and market. Below is an overview of the services we provide.



Strategy decisions involve allocating resources over time. We utilize tools such as shared experience models, portfolio models, and the Analytic Hierarchy Process to structure and facilitate resource allocation

New Product Models

We develop models for identifying new product opportunities, provide recommendations for product design, and calculate models for new product sales forecasting.

Location Decisions

Our decision models combine gravity models with probability mechanisms which enable scenario planning. We help choose a market area in which to establish an outlet, and then choose an optimum site within that location.


We will prescribe the best way to expose the target audience to a message the desired number of times and advise you on intelligent ways to schedule those exposures over a time period.


Price setting is based on cost, demand, or competition. We provide intelligent tactics to influence reference price, calculate optimal price discrimination strategies, and provide aggregate models to analyze sales promotions.

Economic Development

Institute Intelligence can develop custom input-output analyses to assess economic impacts of policy including employment forecasts, as well as land-use and transportation models to assess economic, social, and ecological impacts of transportation projects.